Gabriel Laroche wearing sunglasses at his computer desk, smiling with a thumbs up.

About Me

I'm a Front-End developer based in Québec, Canada and I'm passionate about Web development. I started Coding in 2015 in my Multimedia integration program in CEGEP and I haven't stopped since! I learned everything from web design to full stack web development, but my biggest passion is front-end development, I just love seeing the final tangible product and being able to play with it!

These days I'm trying to diversify my web development knowledge by learning different front-end frameworks and libraries, I also started to have interest in backend/API development and more devOps tasks in my free time.

About this Website

This is the third iteration of my portfolio, the first one in PHP with JSON files for the translations accompanied with a terrrible design, the second in Node.js with a Express.js server and JSON files for the translations. and the one you are currently on built with Next.js and Contentful for the data. The reason for this iteration was to simplify data entry and code maintenance. I also wanted to provide more than just a demo/GitHub link for my projects I want to tell the story behind each project and keeping all that data in seperate JSON files would've been absolutely horrible.

I wanted the design to reflect my personality so I went with something dynamic and colourful with little bugs running around and subtle (and not so subtle animations) all while deactivating the animations if the user has lowered motion on their device.

The design for this website